Economy Tuning

Upto 15% better fuel economy lower C02 emissions

With fuel costs constantly rising, we could save you as much as 20% with the Dyno Remapping specialist economy tune based on our specially developed eco software.

Not only will you save money at the pumps, but you’ll benefit from an improved drive thanks to an increase in power, torque and smoother acceleration not to mention improving your carbon footprint through reduced CO2 emissions. Manufacturers have to set up their models to cater for a wide range of markets they're sold into whereas we can tailor an economy remap to suit the individual driver.

Not just for performance cars

Our economy tune isn't just to help owners of high performance cars eke out a few miles per gallon more from every tankful; you can benefit even if you own a more mainstream car known for good fuel economy.

You could be pleasantly surprised at how a tune up focussing on economy from the UK specialists can lessen the number of trips you make to the filling station and improve your car's responsiveness and performance.

Tell us what you drive and we'll let you know if we can help you save fuel.

How does it work?

A vehicle remap replaces default software on the ECU, overwriting it with new software which can be programmed to optimize the cars overall performance. This is known as vehicle remapping because the ECU is essentially a program that controls how the engine works. When your car is remapped, the tuned software is plugged into your cars serial port (or OBD port) which then overwrites the engine map with the new version to enhance engine performance.

The ability to flash directly through the OBD has brought the tuning industry on leaps and bounds, with constant development on the engine now being much quicker via the flash process, it has Black Code to develop some of the best software in the world.

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